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childAbuseI am a car enthusiast who loves to go on long tours. As such, I have been a good driver, but I did meet with an accident at one point of time when I was on my way to Colorado. The moment was horrendous and I still shiver thinking about it. As I stood the test of time through a formidable verdict from the court, I was given a good compensation amount for the serious arm injury I had succumbed to. The court also took into account the mental agony I did go through while rendering me with the compensation amount. I give due credit to this personal injury lawyer in Hackensack NJ who handled my matter very well and guided me with directions that I have to take before appearing before the court. I have to thank my friend, as without him I would not have met this personal injury lawyer.

Even when I researched about this esteemed law firm on the internet, all I came across were umpteen positive testimonials from its past clientele. It is of no surprise to find that this Personal Injury Law firm is one of the top-ranking law firms nationwide. In fact, during the initial meeting with its attorneys, I sensed that I was associating with one of the most renowned personal injury attorneys in New Jersey.

This Family Law Attorneys in Hackensack NJ also has experience in tackling the extensive arena of family law. Besides the matters pertaining to property disputes, family law also includes domestic violence and issues pertaining to child abuse, amidst many others. I did recommend this attorney firm to my colleague who was facing turmoil in tackling his family matter. His lawyer had messed up his entire matter and made it even more complex than what it was at the start of the proceeding. The attorneys from this firm rendered his matter good standing through appropriate interpretation of relevant laws in the statute and by bringing the facts before the court. This attorney firm has one of the best attorneys who are well versed in their respective occupations.

This law firm also includes some of the finest criminal lawyers in Hackensack NJ in New Jersey. Very similar to personal injury law, the area of criminal law is extensive especially in the taking of evidence stage. For my friend’s matter at hand, the attorneys from this law firm did a wonderful job at ascertaining the criminality of the other party. All the paperwork involved in the matter had been handled appropriately despite the matter being stretched unduly due to the umpteen adjournments and postponements. In the end, justice prevailed and my friend received his due judgment that was pronounced in his favor. My friend did thank me, as I was the one who had recommended him this lawyer. The attorneys at this law firm are articulate in handling juvenile cases. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who is facing charges pertaining to juvenile delinquency, or in the matter of theft, assault and other offences.

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